So you’re teaching? That’s exciting!!

i will be in a few weeks yes! but for now i’m just helping/observing/preparing/worrying ehehe

psirate replied to your post “HELLO so i survived the first day in my school placement the people…”

this sounds really good, i’m glad :) :) what did you like most?

there was a moment this morning when i was doing handwriting with a small group and they were all listening and working hard and i could praise them and it was so lovely so i’m hoping there will be more moments like that :)

"You’re doing the look again."

Sherlock Holmes + The Look

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Sia - Chandelier (Piano Version).

HELLO so i survived the first day in my school placement

the people i’m working with are lovely and the class is a bit lively so i’m a tad scared about managing them when i’ll be teaching in a few weeks but my mentor has assured me it’ll be okay so i’m gonna try not to worry too much eep

so tomorrow is my first day in a school to start my student teacher experience

i don’t start teaching for three weeks yet but ah heck i’m nervous i hope they’ll all like me

Anonymous said:
I like it too. Although I violently disagree with so much of what philosophers said. (from the little I've seen anyway) lol We should absolutely have a conversation about it sometime. Maybe once I've read this book. Or some book. Once I become other than almost entirely ignorant about it. FFA

hey we’re not always gonna agree with what people say though so that’s cool

i just love discussions about stuff like morals and how the world began etc but i hope you enjoy your book!!

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