one day john happily puts his fist out to bump with sherlock’s

sherlock misunderstands what the man wants, and instead gently stretches john’s fingers back out, leans down, and gently kisses the back of his hand

Anonymous said:
Nonono tell the other anon not to withdraw! I like their facts! And if they ever want to try salt-crusted chicken, it's very easy and incredibly delicious, there's lots of recipes on the internet but basically you cover the chicken in "salt snow" which is salt mixed with a bit of water until it has snow-like texture, there's no extra chemical or anything. Happy cooking! :)

oh gosh you are SO CUTE

but yes i feel like i want to formally introduce you to one another and maybe hand you both a slice of cake as you bond over facts

Anonymous said:
I don't mind. It's cool if people correct me when I'm wrong. Even if I wasn't wrong. hahaha I just honestly don't know much about cooking. And Chemistry is not my strong suit either. So I'm actually glad for the info. FFA

here’s a general hug of appreciation, courtesy of tom hiddleston

Anonymous said:
I am getting my butt kicked by people who actually know how to cook. lol I don't know what a salt crust is, but I assume you mix the salt with something, which could potentially change the chemical structure of salt making it... not salt. But I'm out of my depth here, so I'll just quietly withdraw. FFA

ah no no no please don’t say that dear you are truly the owner of the fact crown and that will always be yours

it’s not a competition anyway <3

"The Youtube Music Awards performance. What happened that night? Why were you so emotional?" x


i’m genuinely concerned that no one will fall in love with me

Anonymous said:
Bone marrow changes throughout our lives. When we're born, our bone marrow is exclusively red which produces blood cells. As we grow older, our red marrow is converted to yellow marrow, which is made of fat cells. Only flat bones (such as the sternum or pelvic bones) retain red marrow. However, in the case of heavy blood loss, yellow marrow can be turned back to red marrow. As we grow even older, our bone marrow starts to die and becomes grey. PS. You are welcome and as always, my pleasure. FFA

man that really is very interesting 

thank you as always :)


john telling sherlock he’s beautiful for the first time


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